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Hello, my name is Gianpaolo Del Matto. I am your host and welcoming you to phunsites.net.

As you likely imagined, I’m kinda “computer guy” since the early childhood days.
I then started my actual IT carreer back in 1999 with an ISP by the name of agri.ch, today known as green.ch. From there I moved to the web hosting business, first with Swiss-Web and later Genotec. There I developed an indepth expertise in building and maintaining scalable and fully-automated web and service hosting environments in both the area of Windows and Linux/BSD.
By 2011 I then joined the network engineering team at Swisscom, Switzerlands biggest Telco, where I’m responsible for internet service access platform and network automation development.
I’m also member of the board of Nashire, a small IT startup company focussing on UNIX/Linux development and IT consulting in general.

During the years I have worked on so many different projects and topics. I’ve built redundant dns and database clusters, multi-tier mail systems, shared hosting platforms, xdsl and ras/vpn infrastructures, internet and datacenter backbones and many, many more things. I wrote thousands and thousands of lines in Perl, VB, JS, PHP, Pascal, Python, TCL, unix shell scripts and other languages. I enforce the pragma “don’t do things twice”, so when you need to do it, automate it.
I’m also very sure that I’ve replaced at least a gazillion of failed hard drives and broken SFPs …

I have developed an indepth expertise in internet technology in overall, covering all relevant technologies from Windows over Unix/Linux to Networking, with a main focus in Linux and FreeBSD as well as reliable system and network design, also sporting vivid programming knowledge. Since 2006 I’m regularly writing up on my technical blog. I also did as well some publications in (now ceased) german FreeX Unix/Linux magazine and more recently, rediscovered my love for vintage computing.

Of course there are other things besides my professional (and private) obsession to IT and computers. So when not out with friends, I’m a regurlar pool billard player, bicycle rider and adore Badminton. This is best done with friends of course 🙂
I do have a passion for Scotland and a strong admiration of their famous whiskies. I like science in general, which might also explain my special interest in science fiction…

So to speak about sci-fi, there’s also my activity in building a “real” Knight Rider K.I.T.T. replica car. This also drove me to electronics and micro controller design and tinkering with micro-computers like the Raspberry Pi, Arduino and the like.

So, I do hope you enjoy your stay on phunsites.net and find something valuable to you.

You may contact me through any of these channels:

Feel free to ask questions, I will try hard to find some time answering them.

And now, enough words, go ahead and enjoy.


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