About Phunsites

Welcome to phunsites.net!

So while driving by, you might be wondering what phunsites.net is about?

This website dates back to 1999. At that time, the initial motivation was just to build a website and get some web design practice. While I though this to be fun, the name of phunsites (as for “website made for fun”) in an abviously leet’ish spelling was born. The weird name seems to make people to remember it better. Honestly. 😉

Well, after all these years, phunsites in it’s pseudo-l33t spelling style may look awkward and childish in retrospect. Bear with me, it’s 20+ years ago 😉

So, what we’ve got today, is this:

Oh, and if you like retro computing, phunsites.net is also running on gopher (view site via proxy for browsers lacking gopher support).


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